Free Shipping on any order of $50!!
Free Shipping on any order of $50!!
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About Us

Hi, I’m Ashley, a proud Mom of two (5 year old Sydney, and 3.5 year old Ryker) living north of Boston.While studying abroad in Australia, I noticed the local schools and parks were plastered with "NO HAT NO PLAY" signs.  This warning stuck with me for years as I wondered why we don't take the same simple yet significant precautions here in the States. I scoured the internet for hats that my kids would actually wear but also didn't make them look like infants or mini teenagers. So, in the dark months of quarantine, Scrappy hats was born.  It's been a fun (yet exhaustive and long) process to create this little biz, but I am so excited to share it with you and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Behind the Name: Scrappy is a nickname my late father affectionately called me as a kid.  My father was my number one supporter and believed that I could accomplish anything. The nickname Scrappy illustrated his faith in me while also highlighting that it may not always be pretty but with grit, wide eyes, and a big heart, you can get the job done. The logo was designed with love using handwriting from an old letter from my dad. 
The story behind the logo and the creation of this small business has provided an important lesson to my children, especially my daughter, as they have watched from the sidelines a dream become a reality.